I started out as a young man just taking pictures because i was raised by a mother who understood freezing time on film was an important part of life.


I have taken pictures for many years but began to understand taking a picture and capturing the moment are two different aspects.


Through my years of practice and dedication i have developed the skill necessary to capture that moment, that image, that precious moment.


We also provide premium Make up Artist services with in our packages if needed.

We also offer DJ when booking special events and weddings.


Individual photo session packages

Basic: $150.00 1 outfit and 4 retouched photos

Ideal package: $350.00 2 outfits and 10 retouched photos

High End Package: $600.00 3 outfits or 2 outfits and 2 locations 15 retouched photos

Event packages 

Package 1:  $300                                                           Package 3: $800

1  1/2 hour of photo shooting of event                     6 hours of photo shooting of event

25-50 digital edited photos on Disk                         150-300 edited photos on Disk

Package 2: $500                                                             6  8x10 prints of your choice

4 hours of photo shooting of event

50-150 digital edited photos on Disk

2  8x10 priints of your choice




© Curtis Taitt/CTPhotograpy